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Facebook Marketing For Doctors: The Twenty Minute Rule

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We’ve all seen them. Miracle workers and “Masters” of the Facebook Post. They continue to receive acclaim, dozens if not hundreds of Comments, multiple Likes and the elusive, Share. We want to have their creativity. Most of all, we want their audience and popularity on Facebook. After all, what medical practice can't afford not to spend a little time on Facebook? But it is time consuming. You can look up from your phone and suddenly find you’ve missed out on the last 30-minutes and you’ve accomplished virtually nothing. What if you could spend just 20-minutes each day reaching out to current patients and their friends? I’m here to tell you that after years of discovery, mishaps, mistakes, success and thousands of followers and posts later, Facebook Marketing is primarily an extension of YOU. It’s not simply a billboard for your medical practice you can use on command. It’s one, and only one of many tools in your marketing utility belt.

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